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Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Keynote Speaker

Eric inspired young adults to embark on an incredible journey to craft their unique leadership styles, destined to positively impact their communities for a lifetime.

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Jack Allweil Show

Are You Prepared for the "Unexpected"? Contingency Planning with a Marine

This video is a great discussion with Jack about the importance of personal contingency planning.

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Communication Intelligence

When Communication Competence is Present

This Communication Intelligence special report asked this particular question for a conversation starter because there is power in its competence, especially if one is in a position of authority.

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Evolution of Leadership

Leading During Uncertainty

Streaming video sharing with young adults how they can be ready to lead their teams through potentially uncertain situations.

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Courageous Leadership Academy

Leading Through Uncertainty

Streaming video discussing how leaders can effectively bring their organizations through uncertain times.

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The Leadership Journey Podcast

Leadership Talk

Podcast conversation with David Daniel about my views of leadership.

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